Sonia Bernac


video • 2:11 • winter 2014

Narrative based on a passage from Świat Nura by Aleksander Kościów. The video shows the process of filling a hole in a trunk with liquid plaster.

Video stills

Director, script Sonia Bernac
Camera operator, montage Marcin Szupłak

Sometimes young frogs squeeze into grooves in stones or other hard materials. They get through narrow slits to little caves and fall into a coma. Safe from attack, they set themselves a hunting spot. If a place is convenient enough, they are able to catch flies and other insects without coming up to the surface. A frog sits in its cave and remains motionless in its frog’s existence. When it is hungry, it makes hthhlop! with its tongue and if it gets lucky the meal is caught. So it sits and grows. It grows but it doesn’t leave its cave. Because it is a good cave – a comfortable Lebensraum. The frog does not think about the future, but sometimes it should. As it grows bigger, it gets harder to leave its hiding place. Eventually, the sole fact that it no longer fits inside its cave urges it to escape. But it cannot squeeze through the crevice, which it got through before. Its body fills the entire space. When it is hungry, it still eats. When it eats – it grows. But it is constrained by the walls of its hiding place. Its body slowly starts to take the shape of the den, instead of the shape determined by its frog’s genes. The cave, from the safe hideout it once was, changes into a Spanish shoe, which tightens around it claustrophobically. Game over. The frog cannot avoid eating, because it would starve to death. When it eats, it grows. In the end, it is not able to grow any more and it dies pressurized by its own self.

Video script