Sonia Bernac

Stabilisation of fluid sites

Cyclone Xaver also known as the North Sea flood or tidal surge of 2013, was a winter storm that affected northern Europe. Force 12 winds and heavy snowfall lead to storm surge causing coastal flooding along the coasts of the North and Irish Seas. The impact of the storm on the Baltic Sea was significantly weaker. However, many coasts and ports were completely destroyed. In Sztutowo (Poland) a big concrete slab was washed up on a beach. A thick layer of a polystyryne foam enabled it to float.

Platform 1

Platform 2


performance • duration: 3 weeks • Sztutowo, Poland • summer 2014

I lived on the concrete slab for three weeks.




video • 5:38 • summer 2014


Video still

The video has strong separation between the left and right audio channels. Headphones are recommended when viewing the video.

Video (1:23 excerpt)

Framing, composition, sound, montage Sonia Bernac
Camera operator Marcin Szupłak


official document • winter 2014

I wrote a letter to the city council requesting permission to gain ownership over the concrete slab. I did not give the precise dimensions of the object and they granted my request. After a month the council’s decision was changed. The document presented is the first letter from the city council confirming my temporary ownership.



3D visualisation of the concrete slab • 0:14, looped • autumn 2014


1:1 scale model • print on paper 10m x 4m • Oxford • autumn 2014