Sonia Bernac

I got with her mainly because of her heart. Some guys like big tits, others fall for big lips in the hope of a blowjob, there are also those who get turned on by big asses; I, however, have always been into women with big hearts. Regardless of their sexiness, girls with big hearts would always do anything for their beloved… In this respect, the heart of my partner seemed to be gigantic. Our relationship initially seemed idyllic, thanks to inexhaustible reserves of patience, understanding, trust, selflessness, sensitivity and, shall we say, intimate generosity of my girlfriend. After some time, however, I realised that this generosity goes far beyond the narrow walls of our house and the big heart of my mistress wants to embrace, if not the whole world - a pretty big part of it. I realised that her already great heart has been growing, it’s becoming huge, monstrous and gargantuan. It actually fills the entire space and begins to choke me… Before I came to my senses, it had already cut off the path to the front door. Rhythmically pulsating flesh filled almost the entire house, devoured room after room- the windows were covered with a purple membrane, red tentacles were entwining around the furniture, climbing the stairs. With horror I noticed a bloody thread climbing briskly on my leg. I trampled it with disgust, took a desperate leap into the cupboard and slammed the door. I have been sitting here for an hour. Doors have been creaking more and more perfectly towards the equal rhythm of 76 beats per minute.

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